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If you are managing a multi-entity cash management structure, InsideBusiness Cash Balancing reports can help you get control of your day-to-day cash flows and simplify your intercompany loan administration.

You will gain insight into all your cash balancing transactions between accounts of different companies in your group. The report shows all cash balancing transactions of the past reporting period for all participants in your cash balancing structure. The data is grouped between accounts of different companies to make it easier to keep track of your inter-company loans and trace funds moved between group accounts. And receive automated email alerts when your Cash balancing reports are available in the Download Centre.

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With our Cash Balancing overview you can view the hierarchy of your international cash management structure. Previously, cash managers, treasurers and CFOs had to search for data from various channels or send an information request to a bank account manager. Now you can see it all at once.

In addition, the Book balance provides current, near-real time insight into the book balances of international cash pool accounts.

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