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Use InsideBusiness Foreign exchange for real-time currency exchanges, swaps and hedging purposes. Our Forex Spots, Forwards, Swaps and Deposits help you manage your foreign exchange risks and buy or sell currencies at real-time rates whether you are at your desktop or on your tablet or smartphone. Our mobile app lets you make foreign exchange trades on the go. You can also place excess cash on time deposits.

For most financial markets transactions, clients you need to confirm (two-eyes or four-eyes, depending on the client set up) that your transaction is intentional and confirm its terms. With our InsideBusiness Confirmations feature, you can make your confirmations online and receive an automated email when your confirmation is pending in InsideBusiness.

Do you use the InsideBusiness app?  You’ll see your FX confirmations displayed with a two or four eyes set-up as well as an overview and online handling of your queries.

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“Our goal is to create a single platform that is accessible, relevant and easy for our clients to use. Previously, they had to search for information across emails and systems. Now they can access everything they need in one place.”

~ Joost Kevelam, Head of eCommerce Sales


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