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We launched InsideBusiness with the following banking and analytical services. See the upcoming features we are working on.  


Your foundation services  


Order management

Track and trace your payment transactions using ING FTP or SwiftNET. You can view the progress of the orders, as well as  manage your approval and sign-off process in real time.


 Cash balancing

Get insight into all your cash balancing transactions between accounts of different companies in your group. Gives you a direct view into your inter-company loans and make it easier to trace funds moved between your group accounts.


 Foreign exchange transactions

Manage your foreign exchange risks and buy or sell currencies at real-time rates with our Forex Spots, Forwards, Swaps and Deposits.


 Money markets

You can open a deposit online and view the available interest rate directly. Once you accept the interest rate, it is easy to confirm your transaction online at the same time.


 Mark-to-market reports

Give accountants, managers, shareholders, and other stakeholders timely information about the value of your company’s outstanding financial market transactions with access to online Mark-to-market reports.


 Loan portfolio overview

Get direct insight into your loan portfolios at ING with a full overview of closing positions of all bilateral credit facilities at the end of each day. This report displays all your ING loan positions including syndicated loans where ING is the agent.


Mobile App

 Mobile app

Use our mobile app for easy and secure access to the information and tools that are most critical to your organisation. Make foreign exchange trades on the go and view confirmations.  


Self Service administration

Manage company user profiles and their access to information, update groups and view permissions. Initiate and view requests and sign documents attached to a service request.


Download centre

Access and download all your reports in one place and get automated email alerts when updates are available.


Intercompany Loan Administration

Automatically manage your Intercompany Loan Administration (ICLA) from one place —InsideBusiness.


Proof of Pahyments

Proof of Payment

Reassure your counterparties time critical payments have been initiated, executed and are on the way to the beneficiary.


Incoming direct debits

Incoming direct debits

Refuse incoming direct debits before settlement or refund after settlement.


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